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Starting out...
  • On average, treks will spend $1000-1500 per person. Some have spent over $3000 per person (17-day).  Most treks start on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.  Most groups arrive late at night due to cheaper air fare

  • Trek sizing is groups of 12 ("Backcountry" group) or 14 ("Van Tour" group).

    • "Van Tour" groups typically do a potpourri of activities and move around every 1-3 days to different venues, camping at established or third-party managed campgrounds (think car-camping with day excursions)

    • "Backcountry" groups typically spend their time off the beaten path doing multi-day sea kayaking, backpacking, or rafting trips while camping at locations only accessible by boating or hiking. 

  • As you plan your trip to Alaska, you can bring multiple groups that will be broken into smaller trek groups to meet our maximums.  

Trip Requirements


  • Must be a registered BSA member

  • Must be at least 13 years old by May 1 of the year he or she will participate. Extreme Remote Trips participants must be 14 years old. 

  • Must have a completed BSA medical form (Parts A, B, and C)

  • Must fill out and sign the Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Contract


  • Must provide a signed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding found in the welcome packet

  • If participating in a trek with kayaking or rafting included, must provide a copy of the Swim Classification Form that includes all participants. This form is found in the welcome packet

  • The crew must consist of at least 51% youth


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